3D Studies

Interdisciplinary Studio: Sculpture

The sculpture program is an interdisciplinary studio program that emphasizes a broad foundation of technical, critical, and professional skills. The program enables students to grow as artists by focusing on the development of strong conceptual ideas and personal approaches linked with the informed use of media and technique.

Students are exposed to traditional materials and processes such as carving, clay modeling, welding fabrication, assemblage, mold making and bronze casting as well as new technologies such as 3D digital production, rapid-prototyping, video and new media. Students are further encouraged to explore content in installation, performance, time-based art, 3D computing, ecological or science based work, and other new genres.

The Interdisciplinary Sculpture curriculum places strong emphasis on understanding context — cultural, historical, political and personal — and encourages experimentation, conceptual rigor and interdisciplinary risk taking. The curriculum is further enriched by Youngstown State University’s proximity to Cleveland and Pittsburgh, affording students ready access to museums, galleries, performances and other culturally rich opportunities.

Interdisciplinary Sculpture is a part of CoLab: The Collaborative Learning Laboratory, which is a unique partnership between the visual arts and engineering programs at Youngstown State University. The unique collaborative nature of CoLab provides students exciting opportunities for the significant application of creative problem solving in a cross-disciplinary learning environment utilizing new and innovative technologies.  Regional industrial partners bring invaluable cutting-edge technological resources and expertise to CoLab’s synthesis of visual arts and engineering practice.

By offering a rich mix of conceptual, material and process experiences students gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of a full range of contemporary art practices and critical theory in sculpture.


Sculpture Studio Facilities

The extensive studio facilities for Interdisciplinary Sculpture are housed in a newly constructed wing of Bliss Hall on the beautiful campus of Youngstown State University.  The well-equipped sculpture facility has an 18-station computer lab and dedicated spaces for welding, metal casting, plastics, woodworking, hot glass, and a 3000 square foot exterior work court. Advanced sculpture students are provided with private spaces that are close to the process labs.

In addition to a wide range of hand and power tools, the sculpture facility has the following equipment:

Digital Media Lab

Apple iMac computers with software (18 stations)

Epson LCD Projector

HP 2100n laser printer

HP Color Printer 
Cannon 84 10 x 17inch Scanner

Epson LCD Projector

HP 2100n laser printer

HP Color Printer 
Cannon 84 10 x 17inch Scanner


Metal Fabrication Equipment

2-ton full span bridge crane

1-ton jib crane

Scotchman 5014 CM 50-ton ironworker

Roper Whitney Pexto 16 gage x 36 inch bench metal roller

Bending Brake 16-12 gage steel x 48 inch wide

Miller Syncrowave 250 TIG welder

Millermatic 250 MIG welder with aluminum spool gun (2)

Lincoln Powermatic 255 MIG welder

Lincoln SP 175 MIG welder (2)

Thermal Dynamics PakMaster 100XL plasma cutter

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82 plasma cutter

Hypertherm 40 plasma cutter

Kalamazoo 14-inch cut-off saw

Wellsaw V-20 inch vertical band saw

Wellsaw Horizontal 10” x 16” band saw

Delta 14-inch band saw

Hossfeld Bender # 2 with hydraulic power attachment

Baldor 8-inch industrial grinder

Baldor 10-inch buffer

Oxygen acetylene welding-cutting rigs (4)

Foundry Equipment

Ajax Tocco Magnathermic 250lb capacity non-ferrous induction furnace

Ajax Tocco Magnathermic 250lb capacity ferrous induction tilt furnace

MIFCO B-702 gas-fired melt furnace

MIFCO F-826 extra width, gas-fired flat hearth forge

MIFCO Swif-Mul ML-125 mixer

Saunders 4ft x4ft x 4ft burn out furnace

Saunders #36S 36″x36″ fluidizing tanks (2)

Silica dust collection system

Saunders – #TM-30 gal. slurry-mixing tanks (2)

Soldner clay mixer

Ritehete VRS 60 qt. wax melting pot

Paasche 60-inch x 36-inch spray booth

TP Tools 3” x 3’ x 5’ sandblasting cabinet

JET 6000 lb pallet jack

Hot Glass Equipment

Falorni Micro GM F 75 glass melting furnace

Denver EF-240 electric glass melt furnace

Denver GH-18 reheat furnace

Denver GFA-36 front-load annealing oven

Denver KL-60D warm glass fusing oven

Bailey 21cu.ft. front-load programmable kiln

Denver GS-100 diamond band saw

Denver SB-810 glass beveling machine

Denver pipe warmer

Wood and Plastics Equipment

Bel-O-Vac 24” x 48” vacuum former

SawStop 5 hp industrial table saw

Delta 16-inch radial arm saw

Powermatic 24-inch band saw

Delta 24-inch 5 hp planer

Powermatic 24-inch variable speed wood lathe

Safety Speed Cut 48-inch panel saw

Delta 6-inch belt/12-inch disk sander

Powermatic 6-inch belt/12-inch disk sander

Powermatic 20-inch disc sander

State B-4 spindle sander

Bosch 12-inch slide miter saw

Jet 16-inch wood band saw

Delta 14-inch band saw (5)

Powermatic 14-inch band saw (2)

Dewalt 20-inch scroll saw (4)

Craftsman 20-inch scroll saw

Delta Model 17-inch drill press (2)

Delta 10-inch tool grinder

Delta table saw stock feeder

Integrated woodshop dust collection system

Sculpture Faculty

Zeke Luman

Links of Interest

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