MFA Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

The MFA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts is designed specifically to broaden the practice of contemporary artmaking. The program is unique in that students do not focus within a specific medium but work across multiple studio art disciplines with up to three faculty members a semester. The MFA requires students to examine and integrate the methods, theory, skills and insights from two or more traditional or non-traditional visual arts with non-art coursework in the development of an individual research agenda. An intimate, supportive community, critical theoretical engagement, and experimentation with multiple artistic processes cultivates the potential for unexpected discovery and invention. Collaboration and inquiry into disciplines outside of Art strengthen and contribute to an intensive studio practice that produces informed and innovative artists.


For Curriculum Information and to apply:
YSU College of Graduate Studies


For Application Deadlines and for more information contact:

Christine McCullough
MFA Program Coordinator

Contact Information

Christine McCullough
phone: 330.941.1862
office: Bliss Hall 4077