All freshmen art studio and art education students take the same rigorous core courses within the Foundation Program prior to choosing an area of concentration. The goals of the First Year Studio courses are to establish a common core of knowledge, vocabulary, technical, critical and creative thinking skills, providing students with the necessary tools for success and personal expression as they move through their subsequent studio concentrations. This Foundations core is a freshman prerequisite for all areas of study.

A Foundation Portfolio Review (Art 1503) is required if all art and art education majors as part of First Year Studio Core.

Foundation Review

A Foundation Portfolio Review is required of all art and art education majors enrolled in the College of Fine and Performing Arts upon successful completion of the foundation coursework. This portfolio is different from the end of semester portfolios required by individual instructors. It is the student’s responsibility to carefully read and follow these guidelines in preparing their Foundation Portfolio. To better select work for their portfolio, students should refer to the assessment categories on the attached sample portfolio evaluation form. If students have any questions concerning these guidelines, they should seek advisement from their foundation instructor(s) before submitting their portfolio. Students must pass the portfolio review to continue in the program, and before they can register for further studio art courses.

Course Listing

Work from all of the following four foundation courses must be included in the portfolio:

Art 1521 • Foundation Drawing
Art 1501 • Fundamentals of 2-D Design
Art 1522 • Intermediate Drawing
Art 1502 • Fundamentals of 3-D Design


Joseph D’Uva
Foundations Coordinator