Digital Media

Digital Media + Photography

The Department of Art’s Digital Media program teaches students to use the creative tools of tomorrow. 

In Digital Media you’ll explore the ways in which new technologies are engines of personal exploration and cultural production. You’ll experiment with new ways of expressing yourself through video, interactive media, and digital fabrication. You will discover that technology is a tool for creative experimentation, an instrument for the artistic manipulation of data, and the creation of dynamic user experience and interaction. The skills you acquire in Digital Media will prepare you for careers in a variety of cultural industries.

Potential areas of exploration in YSU’s digital media include:

• Video
• Web-based Art
• 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication
• Mechatronics and Physical Computing
• Creative Coding

The department offers classrooms and work space in Bliss Hall, the Butler Institute of American Art, and the McDonough Museum. Our computer labs feature Mac workstations with the full Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere, as well as Rhinoceros 3D, and open-source creative software like Processing and Arduino. Our fabrication labs feature digital tools such as 3D printers, CNC routers, and laser cutters.

In Photography, students tudy photographic processes in digital technologies within the context of a fine art program. These students utilize the digital facilities while exploring historic and contemporary issues within lens-based media. The photography program places equal emphasis on the science and craft of photography as well as critical thinking and conceptual development. The photography faculty present a variety of concepts and applications related to lens-based media through introductory to advanced-level courses.

As with all BFA Studio Art majors, students begin the photographic course sequence only after they pass the Freshman Foundation Portfolio Review and begin upper-level course work after their Junior Portfolio Review in Photography. In addition to traditional coursework, internships and community opportunities are available to photography majors.



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