Dana Sperry

Assistant Professor, Digital Media

About Dana

MFA, Indiana University Bloomington
BFA, Southern Methodist University
BA, Southern Methodist University

Dana Sperry is a interdisciplinary digital media artist whose work spans multiple formats and mediums. His recent work explores states of loneliness and isolation resulting from experiences that convey insignificance within a modern post-industrial society. Each piece considers different aspects of contemporary remoteness. In addition to exploring ideas of loneliness, Sperry is fascinated by the inevitable distortion, fabrication and simplification of value structures and renderings of past realities within a culture. His has been exhibited/screened widely including New York, Chicago, Miami, Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam, Brazil, and India.

Sperry received a BA in philosophy as well as a BFA in studio art from Southern Methodist University. After studying at the Art Insititute of Chicago, He received an MFA from Indiana University. 

Contact Information

phone: 330.941.3627

e-mail: jdsperry@ysu.edu

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