Art History

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Art 1541: Survey of Art History 1

Art 1542: Survey of Art History 2

Art 3740: Topics in Ancient Art

Art 3741: Topics in Medieval Art

Art 3742: Topics in Renaissance Art

Art 3743: Baroque Art

Art 3744: 17th/18th C. American Art

Art 3745: 19th C. European Art

Art 3746: 19th C. American Art

Art 3747: African American Art

Art 3784: Art of China

Art 3785: Art of Japan

Art 3788: Theory of Art

Art 3789: Arts of South and Southeast Asia

Art 3780: African Art

Art 378: Native North American Art

Art 3782: Pre-Columbian Art

Art 5881: 20th C. Art to 1960

Art 5882: 20th C. Art from 1960


Dr. Stephanie Smith

Dr. Lou Zona

Dr. Johnathan Farris

Angela DeLucia

Ann Michelle McMaster

Adam Sullivan

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NOTE: All BFA students are required to take art history courses to support their degrees. Although we currently do not offer an art history major, a minor is available.