A poster exhibition by students from 3 American universities.
September 24 – October 6, 2018

Iowa State University
Rowan University
Youngstown State University

First exhibition:
Rowan University
Westby Student Gallery, room 207

Iowa State University
Lightfoot Forum

Youngstown State University
Bliss Hall, 4th Floor (Approaching Room 4057, Beginning at 1pm)

Graphic designers have a long history of engagement with activism for social good, and universities have a proud tradition of preparing students not only for careers but for a life as an aware participant in society. Sadly, statistics about voter registration and voting show that too many people, especially young adults, are not actively engaged. With those facts in mind, three faculty members collaborated through teaching a similar problem on voter awareness to start the academic year at their university, agreeing to share files and create exhibitions at each site.

Lisa Fontaine (Iowa State), RJ Thompson (Youngstown), and Jan Conradi (Rowan) worked with their design students to question and conceptualize responses to key questions. Why is voter turnout low? Why do people profess to care about election results, but not care about voting? What can be done to increase voter participation, particularly for young voters? The works in these exhibitions convey energy and commitment to participatory democracy — hopefully making a difference before the November election.

Students were encouraged to research bipartisan perspectives. Opinions reflected in this work only represent the individual artist.

Rowan University students:

Haley Askling
Nicole Bazelak
Thomas Burg
Steven Castellano
Benjamin Delgado
Cassidy Greene
Lauren Hamberg
Natalie Iazzetti
Alexander Kirschner
Madison McShea
Saleena McShea
Jennifer Parisi
Jason Petrocella
Derek Tiah
Kaitlyn Wargo
Christen Waters
Raykwon Williams

Iowa State University students: 

Lydia Anez
Sarah Courtney
Brianna Harrison Joynt
Mekenlie Jones
Noah Kruger
Lauren McGalloway
Alyssa Raver
Madeline Ryan
Rachel Smith
Brittany Veto

Youngstown State University students:

Jennifer Carlson
Lorinda Dixon-Guerreri
Spencer Kaslbeek
Andrea Minotti
Kim Schilling
Taylor Valerio
Evan Von Thaer

Poster printing was paid for by private citizens in Iowa, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Click to view a Virtual Reality simulation of the Rowan exhibition

The following photos are of the exhibition at Rowan State University in Glassboro, New Jersey.

The following photos are of the exhibition at YSU: 


The following photos are of the exhibition at Iowa State University: 

Additional work samples: 

If you want to register to vote, or check to see if you are already registered: www.vote.org