Student Art Association


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About SAA

The Student Art Association is an organization of student artists who dedicate their time and efforts to the benefit of the people, as well as to the students of Youngstown State University and the community in Youngstown. They are a group that aspires to motivate art culture by fundraising as well as inspiring young artists in the Mahoning Valley.

They often collaborate with PAYO (Poverty Awareness in Youngstown, Ohio) and the Federal Frenzy. They promote the mobility of art and artists in the Youngstown, Ohio region.


Fall 2017 Student Art Association Meetings are held in Room 4061 in Bliss Hall:
• 10/18 at 12pm
• 11/15 at 12pm
• 11/29 at 12pm
• 12/13 at 12pm


Officers for the 2017-18 year:

President: Kasey Badgley

Vice President: Donald Slocum

Secretary: Laura Garvin

Treasurer: Lorenzo Devine

Marketing: Kasey Badgley

Faculty Advisor: RJ Thompson


Contact Information

Advisor: RJ Thompson 
Phone: 412.779.7665