Red Press Collaborative

The Red Press Collaborative is a program designed to promote Fine Art Printmaking at Youngstown State University and within the Mahoning Valley region. A limited edition print will be created throughout the week in collaboration between our visiting artist and YSU art students. Various printmaking methods, such as Intaglio, Relief, Lithography, Screenprint, and Digital Printing will be showcased through this collaboration. The final print will be available via donation of $125.00.

Each print from the edition will be signed, numbered, and fully documented. All contributions go directly to the funding of various events within the printmaking program, including study abroad, student excursions to printmaking conferences and exhibitions, equipment, and the annual print collaboration itself.

Print collaboration in its tradition has fostered relationships between professional artists and students, while utilizing the most contemporary and comprehensive printmaking concepts and techniques available. Here at YSU, the Red Press Collaborative is a means towards creating these interactions and educating future Fine Art Printmakers.

For more information about YSU’s Red Press Collaborative program please contact Prof. Joseph D’Uva at 330-941-2540 or email at

YSU-RPC Donation: $125.00 • Entitles donor to 1 original print from RPC collection.

RPC Past Artists:

Charles Beneke

Susanne Slavick

Sean P. Morrissey

Anita Jung

Michael Barnes

Janet Ballweg

Mathew Hopson-Walker

Humberto Saenz

Kristin Powers Nowlin

Nicole Hand

Contact Information

Joseph D’Uva
Bliss 4083