Bachelor of Fine Arts

Students in the Photography Program at YSU study photographic processes in both traditional and digital technologies within the context of a fine art program. These students move seamlessly between the darkroom and the digital facilities while exploring historic and contemporary issues within lens-based media.  The photography program places equal emphasis on the science and craft of photography as well as critical thinking and conceptual development. The photography faculty present a variety of concepts and applications related to lens-based media through introductory to advanced-level courses.


As with all BFA Studio Art majors, students begin the photographic course sequence only after they pass the Freshman Foundation Portfolio Review and begin upper-level course work after their Junior Portfolio Review in Photography. In addition to traditional coursework, internships and community opportunities are available to photography majors.  F(10) is a student-run photography organization allowing students opportunities to travel to exhibition and to also exhibit their own work.


There are outstanding scholarship opportunities for students studying photography at YSU. Beyond Department of Art scholarships and Student Show Awards, competitive scholarships are available to photo majors through the Robert Yalch Memorial Scholarship Fund. Each spring semester sophomore, junior and senior photo majors are awarded merit based annual scholarships based on their application materials. Additionally, students can receive competitive travel awards to attend the Society for Photographic Education national conference that is held in a different city every spring. Graduating seniors are eligible for Robert Yalch Legacy Awards that add selected equipment to the photography facilities in the names of BFA photography students.


Joy Christiansen Erb