Graphic + Interactive Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic + Interactive Design

The studio art major emphasis, Graphic + Interface Design, provides students with a foundation of critical and creative design processes and prepares them for the profession of graphic and interface design — including careers in identity systems, package design, motion and web design, and creative direction. Based primarily on computer technology, students will investigate new ways of solving complex visual problems, and use both print and interactive designs as solutions.

Students take one year of Foundations courses that help them hone fine arts skills in drawing and painting, three-dimensional work, basic photography as well as basic computer skills. Art and design practice and theory is stressed during this first year, culminating in a student portfolio review.

Once past the Freshman Foundations Portfolio Review, students will learn the formal principles, processes and vocabulary of print and interface design as well as graphic design history. They develop critical thinking skills and visual conceptualization not only through visual design projects, but also through writing and speaking about design processes and critical theory. Students can supplement their coursework with community projects, design competitions, and design work in the university community or through an internship.

Students participate in a Junior Portfolio Review as well as Senior Seminar to guide and prepare them for working in the profession or furthering their education in graduate school.

The dedicated faculty of Graphic + Interface Design routinely update the curriculum to stay current with industry standards in both print and web, and attend conferences and workshops to pass along inspiration of today’s practices to YSU students. By being active in the field of design, our faculty integrates real-world design issues into classroom curriculum and projects. Graphic + Interface Design faculty are actively involved in helping the students find internships in the surrounding Youngstown and Pittsburgh areas.  Plus, students are urged to participate in the AIGA student chapter, which is a part of the national AIGA design organization, to gain further community connections and involvement in the field of design.

The faculty takes pride in the skills, passion, and accomplishments our students leave with, which allow them to be ready for an easy transition into both regional and national design firms and graduate schools.

Graphic + Interactive Design faculty

Michelle Nelson

Michelle Nelson

Graphic + Interactive Design

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