Interdisciplinary Studio: Ceramics

Youngstown State University’s ceramics concentration lets you take advantage of the expanding career opportunities in the field and develop your skills.

Whether you’re looking to build your career as a fine or craft artist; independent or production designer; or tile, mold, or model maker, YSU’s ceramics program lets you customize your education to suit your passion. As a student, you’ll be able to fashion a part of your curriculum in the specific direction of ceramics that interests you.

Along with a customizable curriculum, YSU’s Department of Art offers one of the largest ceramic studios in the state. The faculty, curriculum, and the facility supports a wide variety of approaches to contemporary ceramic art, including functional, sculptural, and design-based methodologies. Students have the opportunity to work with a variety of formats, including techniques based on the object, time, installation, utility, and industrial applications.

Advanced students have access to a semi-private studio space and work in a creative environment with open studio hours seven days a week. Ceramics facilities feature over 6,000 square feet of studio space spanning two floors, with separate areas for wheel throwing, handbuilding, glaze mixing, clay mixing, plaster work, and documenting artwork. Various firing possibilities are available, with two internal kiln rooms, and a gated and covered external kiln area. There is a Student Project Gallery where all students can exhibit solo, group or experimental work. Well equipped, YSU’s Ceramics program offers an interdisciplinary approach to working within the medium.

Ceramics studio equipment includes separate and completely equipped studios for handbuilding, wheel throwing, mold making & slip casting. There are also research possibilities in utilizing innovative technologies such as 3D Digital printing.

The Ceramic studio also includes the following vented labs: a spray room, fully stocked glaze lab, clay mixing lab, and three kiln rooms that include computer controlled electric kilns, gas and atmospheric kilns with a pit firing area.

With access to first-rate facilities and the ability to customize your educational experience, students gain an all-encompassing knowledge and understanding of contemporary ceramic practices. Ceramics Facility includes:

Ceramics Facilities

Clay & Glaze Mixing

250lb capacity Soldner mixer

Slip-O-Matic casting slip mixer

Laguna spray booth

Vantto Double Jar Ball Mill

235 sq ft Glaze lab with multiple flex arm exhaust systems

215 sq ft Designated Plaster area with multiple flex arm exhaust systems

288 sq ft Vented spray room

395 sq ft Stocked bulk materials room

Electric gram scales

Triple beam gram scales

350lb beam scale


Research & Documentation Lab

Apple iMac computers with software (2 stations)

Space and lighting for documenting finished work

Library of 20yrs of Ceramic magazines & misc. art and ceramics books and videos


3D Digital Media Lab

Apple iMac computers with software (18 stations)

Epson LCD Projector

HP 2100n laser printer

HP Color Printer

Cannon 84 10 x 17inch Scanner

Epson LCD Projector



4 – 16.5 cu ft. Bailey oval electric kilns with Bartlett computerized controller

4 – 10 cu ft. Bailey electric kilns with Bartlett computerized controller

2 – 3 cu ft. Bailey electric kilns with Bartlett computerized controller

2 – 2.3 cu ft. manual electric kilns (Duncan and Skutt)

.5 cu ft. Cress test electric kiln

50 cu ft. Bailey ^10 front loading electric kiln, with Bartlett computerized controller

40 cu ft. Alpine gas kiln

20 cu ft. Alpine gas kilns

4 cu ft. Sprung Arch Raku kiln

30 cu ft. Sprung Arch Atmospheric gas kiln

Pit fire area

Studio Lab Equipment

15 Brent wheels

2 Brent SR-36 slab rollers

2 Bailey Extruders

A Bailey System 3 Power Extruder

Sand blasting cabinet

Rosetta Technologies CerPrint 3500 Ceramic Decal Printer

A variety of handtools (ex. drills, grinders, heat guns…)

Funded by Classroom Enhancement

Visiting artist workshops presented in Ceramics:

Since 2012Linda Cordell, Julia Galloway, Carrie Longely, Kyle & Kelly Phelps, Joyce Jablonski, Christian Kuharik, Liz Smith, Malcom Mobutu Smith, Sergei Isupov, Teri Frame, Greg Pugh, Elizabeth A. Emery, Rebecca Harvey.

Yearly visiting MFA workshop/lecture series:

Since 2012: Craig Hartenberger, Tirzah Legg, Shannon Black, Clarissa Pezone, Alana Wilson, Hannan Pierce, Sara Catapano, Didem Mert, Ashley Bevington, Royce Hilderbrand, Neil Simak, Sara Morales, Jason Piccoli, Ben Lambert, Austin Wieland, Jocelyn Howard

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