I am so pleased to be the juror for the 36th annual YWCA Women Artists: A Celebration! exhibition. It is an honor to participate in this long-standing Youngstown tradition. This exhibition is a great opportunity to showcase the best work from some of the strongest female artists in the area. I look forward to selecting a wide variety of media and methods from a large pool of artists. In addition to judging works based on the mastery of the artist, I will be looking for work that conveys meaning in a compelling way. Although the exhibition space is unable to accommodate video, installation and other new media genres, I look forward to seeing some pieces where the artist is taking risks or employing experimentation.

Learn more by visiting this link: http://www.ywca.org/site/c.aqLNKYMBLkI2F/b.9147257/k.A6A2/Women_Artists_A_Celebration.htm

Claudia Berlinski
Assistant Professor of Art
Foundations Program Coordinator
Assistant to the Chair
Bliss 4083